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Groovy Fashion Styles From the 1970s

The 1970’s, the decade of disco, American Bandstand, and Soul Train. Bands like Chicago, Sly and the Family Stone, and KC and the Sunshine Band. The era was rife with change. Change in our culture, change in our music, and change in fashion.

Like John Travolta at the disco, wide collars and bell-bottoms were all the rage. You can still see some of these trends copied today, either in movies, on the streets, or even slot characters at different casinos online. You can find some of the grooviest games online at NJCasino.

Haute Couture

When you think of 70’s fashion, images appear of wide collars, bare chests, gold chains, and platform shoes. The models on the runways of New York donned wide flared bell bottoms and loose gossamer blouses. Hair was long for both men and women, and pants were tight. There was bling everywhere before it became a word.

The discos and nightclubs of the ’70s were the showcases for America’s fashion trend. Studio 54, The Spectrum, The Roxy, and the Zodiac, were the places to see and be seen.

The fashions were outrageous even by the standards of the ’70s, and polyester was all the rage. Paisley and denim came in at a close second. Sweatbands, tight shorts, tee-shirts, and roller skates. No matter where you looked, you were bound to see something new.

Fresh Fashions

New was the trend, and fashion often changed in the ’70s. What was hot and trendy one day was old news the next. The mini and midi skirts flourished and became passe. Flower print peasant dresses gave way to sleek, polyester, and rayon. The cowboy trend hit big with vests, cowboy hats, and fashion jeans.

Men wore mutton chops and Fu Manchu mustaches. They sported permed hair and gold chains in layers. And everywhere were platform shoes and boots. Nobody was tall enough.

Art Imitates Life

For a realistic idea of the fashion of the 70’s watch some TV reruns. The Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, and every variety show gave in to the changing trends. Even wholesome idols Donny and Marie sported the gaudiest trends in fashion. America was in flux.

Movies followed the trends as well, tough detectives wearing polyester suits. Femme Fatales in floor-length, paisley dresses, and big hoop earrings.

Like fashion, America was changing in politics, race relations, and sexual equality. The national pastime seemed to change.

The Tide Begins to Turn

Following the fashion changes in the first half of the decade, America seemed to draw a breath. Fashions began to stabilize. While tight jeans would remain in vogue for a decade, polyester gave way to cotton and cotton blends. The gaudy color schemes reverted to more subdued tones.

By the beginning of the Reagan era, America would be conservative in politics and apparel. But, not far over the horizon, the fashion of hip hop was waiting to give us another boom.

Fashion trends in America have always coincided with those of Europe. Paris is the home of fashion, but the ’70s were truly iconic American.

26 Mar 2021